Our Services

We design internet, cable TV and telephony services for houses, offices, multi-story buildings, towns, societies and up to cities.

We have established certain guidelines for you to help you understand the design principles.

For Homes

Get your Internet, Cable TV and Telephone wiring designed and pay in per square yard


Just get consultancy for network of your dreams home.

For High Risers

Make your buildings ready for your residents or offices by connecting them to the world. Share your needs and we materialize them for your buildings.

For Societies

You can save a lot of cost by leaving provisioning for IT service providers at the time of your development. This will save repeated development costs and will become a source of revenue for you. Want to know how?

For Home Users

For home users, we make your network simple for you so that we you can make a better decision.

High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings, both residential and commercials, we foresee needs of your clients. Help you to make our designs as one of your marketing points.​

For Societies and Towns

For societies and towns, we breakup small details for you. We tell you how to decide about

  • How many operators to accommodate
  • How many connections to design per house
  • How to leave a commonly useable corridor


For Operators and Sub-Cons

We can support you to assist your projects in better way and attract your subscribers by providing out of the box services. We ease your work and speed it up too.

Our Costing Models

Fulfilling your needs is our first priority. We have simplified costing structures. Based upon your number of plots or per square yard area, we provide you the unit cost. We take it as our responsibility to justify this cost to you. If you contact us, you will not be disappointed.

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